WTB: Bishop Two Spider Silk Kevlar
Date November 19, 2042
Author Knight One
Internal Name ssk_cosplay

November 19th, 2042:


Subject: WTB: Bishop Two Spider Silk Kevlar


Date: Fri, 19 Nov 42 21:55:22 GMT


Expires: Sat, 19 Dec 42 00:00:00

Organization: Consortium Cosplay CO

Hello Pawns, Rooks and Knights. I come to you today with an urgent request to help one of your fellows. As you are all aware ConsoCon is going to be here in London this year, and I decided I am going to top my costume from last year! I can hear your collective gasps of amazement! How will Knight One, the most hardcore of the hardcore top his walking Zenlil Cosplay? I'll tell you how.

I want a real uniform. Not just a costume. Something real. Something worn by a hero of the Consortium. Bishop Two.

No, no, no. Not the B.U.S. he died in. That's morbid, people! I want his SSK, Spider Silk Kevlar vest that was retired after his first two missions in 2032. It was sold at a charity auction the year after, and it's been floating around the various auction sites ever since. I haven't been able to track it down and that's why I Need Your Help!

To some of the new members out there, you may be asking "Knight One, what is Spider-Silk Kevlar, and why is it so important?"

I'll tell you why! Before the Battle Utility Suits were introduced, Consortium Bishops wore a specially made SSK vest in the field for only two short months. Genetically modified Russian Spiders spun this stuff, which is harder than Kevlar, lighter than paper and doesn't suffer the bladed edge problem traditional Kevlar had. But, as any military historian knows, as awesome as this stuff was near the end of the RW, we've got way better stuff now, and it hasn't been produced anywhere in years.

Even if they did produce it, I want the real thing. The real stuff. I'm going to go to ConsoCon as Bishop Two, and MONEY IS NO OBJECT.

So, get out there, Pawns, Rooks and Knights. Find me this vest, and be ready for some AWESOME PHOTO OPS AT CONSOCON.

Knight One, OUT.

"From Sea to Sky, to Ocean and Orbit, the Consortium shall stand tall and proud against those who would challenge liberty, life and the freedom of any of who dwell on this planet. Lay down your arms, sons of the White Tiger, or you shall fall this day before us."

-Bishop Two