Triad Probes Reveal Startling Photos
Date December 17, 2036
Internal Name triad_findings
Internal Series  Triad (series), #2

December 17th, 2036:

Triad Probes Reveal Startling Photos -

The very first photographs from the Triad probes, launched 21 years ago, were released by the Global Aeronautics and Space Alliance today. Although they are still well beyond orbital range, one of the probes initiated its mapping sequence of the space surrounding the planet Gaia in the Alpha 2 system. The fuzzy images received by GASA revealed some regularly-spaced anomalies in the vicinity of the planet, and high resolution scans indicated that the objects are artificial in nature.

The proximity of the artificial satellites in Gaia space leads some scientists to speculate the satellites may, in fact, be extra-terrestrial spacecraft, but so far there has been no evidence to support that theory. The other two probes of the Triad have not revealed anything out of the ordinary.

Early reports from around the world indicate that this news is having a startling effect. Proponents of extraterrestrial research are delighted that the objective "proof" now exists to support their claims, and of course much of the world is looking to the Guardian Church and asking, "is it them?"

Guardian Church founder, Rick Pearlman, had this to say on the topic, "While we all want to believe we have found the home of the Guardian Race, all evidence we have says that they are located somewhere within the Andromeda Galaxy - nowhere near the Triad probes. If we have in fact found intelligent life on another planet, then we must be extremely careful how we proceed. The universe is no doubt full of races far more dangerous than we could ever imagine."

GASA has submitted the images to various tests to rule out the possibility of film degradation or lens distortion, and it has been confirmed that the photographs depict actual artificial objects. As the cameras on the probes are more finely tuned to focus upon the satellites, GASA expects to capture more finely detailed photographs and other data for analysis.