Triad Probes Begin Long-Term Mission
Date August 12, 2015
Internal Name triad_launched
Internal Series Triad (series), #1 

August 12th, 2015:

Triad Probes Begin Long-Term Mission -

Three deep-space research probes, dubbed the Triad, were launched today from Cape Canaveral to study the newly discovered planets in the Alpha 2 system, Vesta, Gaia, and Janus. It is hoped that, by utilizing a revolutionary propulsion system developed by Paragon Technologies, the probes will be able to take revealing photographs of the planets as soon as twenty years from now. Proponents of terraforming are very excited about the possibility of verifying whether these planets could support human life.

The three chosen planets were first spotted four years ago by the Omega Observatory, in Oregon. Dr. David Schelter, the founder of the $50 million observatory, was also the main investor and the driving force behind the construction of the probes. "It is extremely important that we learn as much as we can about these planets, particularly Janus," commented Dr. Schelter. When asked about the significance of Janus, Dr. Schelter made no comment. It's interesting to note that in Roman mythology Janus is the god of beginnings, doorways, and gates, signifying departures and returns.

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