Established facts:

  1. David Schelter is missing.
  2. 12212042 blogger suggests Worldview Industries has had an impact throughout history.
  3. Even knowing Henry has been compromised by the Geas Twins, Schelter insists the K-1 project push forward because "humanity" is at stake.[1]

The basis of this theory is that Schelter has an impossible amount of foresight. First, Henry is beyond the capabilities of 2042 man. Second, he knew war was coming. Third, he knew humanity was at risk. Fourth, Henry is apparently pivotal to preventing the second and being an instrument against the third. He also sold all of his assets before disappearing which suggests foresight that he was going away.

The only glaring problem with this theory is how did the "enemy" end up with more advanced tech if Schelter was the source of it all? The only explanation is that Schelter himself has turned on Henry and is part of the conspirators trying to destroy the machine. What could possible change Schelter's mind on his greatest creation to the greatest threat? Seeing the future and knowing what Henry has become (a tyrannical dictator).

This theory may even coincide with There Are Two AIs in that Schelter built the second AI to dethrone Henry--an AI without the Geas Twins problem which may have effectively broke Henry.


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