Terrorists Strike in the Heart of Calgary!
Date March 15, 2026
Author Carly Reinhart
Internal Name vidal_terrorist
Internal Series Vidal (series), #1 

March 15th, 2026:

Terrorists Strike in the Heart of Calgary! -

Calgary Herald

By: Carly Reinhart

In the early morning hours, an as of yet unknown terrorist group planted and detonated large quantities of high explosives destroying the Guardian Church's headquarters in downtown Calgary. It has been reported that as many as 15 people were killed in the blast, mostly from the Guardian Church personal who were on site.

No group has come forward to take claim for the blast, but Const. Henry Wong of the Calgary Police did make the following statement: "While the perpetrators of the blast are still unknown, we do have several strong leads which we are perusing vigorously and this matter is -of course- of the highest priority for the force."

The blast, which occurred at approx 4:35am, rocked the downtown core and sent shockwaves as far as 20 blocks away shattering shop windows. The immediate area surrounding the GCH has been completely decimated and emergency personal first on-site say that we are lucky the blast occurred when it did as the death toll could have been much higher.

"The actual GCH building has been reduced to nothing but rubble and the surrounding buildings will most likely be demolished due to severe structural damage. The blast had such destructive force that there is nothing larger than my hand to be found at the site itself", said EMS technician Suzanne Myers.

"When we first got onto the scene, we began to search for survivors but quickly realized that it was going to be a futile effort. We consider ourselves very fortunate that it occurred when it did or this would be a much larger disaster as far as people are concerned."

In a telephone interview with Nova Scotia MP Malcolm Thomas, who has strong ties with the Guardian Church and is in town for the parliamentary energy conference, stressed the need for military involvement to root out those involved.

"While I have no doubts in the ability of the Calgary Police force, I believe this to be a situation best handled by those who we have trained, like JTF2, to contain and deal with terrorist cells like this one. When the target of such a horrific attack is towards a religious institution, I believe we as a nation need to step up and demand we use any and all methods at our disposal to contain groups that would perpetrate such hate crimes."

The reason for the attack is still as of yet unknown. An unnamed church representative has informed this reporter that two of the church's founders were expected to attend a meeting with Thomas and other government officials this very day but for reasons as yet also unknown, cancelled at the last minute.

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