ProjectB6 Page with translations to symbols attached.

"The site located at represents an odd, but harmless aberration of the space/time continuum that we picked up at the exact moment iDGi-1 came online. It consists of a very specific swarm of information gathered from our world, mixed with extremely complex and scrambled code. With a great deal of effort, we were able to at least partially organize and interpret some of the information... and the ProjectB6 website displays the result. Our best guess to it's purpose is that it's some sort of information log created by unknown parties from the other dimension.. information about our Earth, taken from our internet. The writing which displays on the site, you may have noticed is oddly very similar to the childish scribblings displayed on the time line written by Employee 1195." - Videl Deseretch to (UNKNOWN)

Speculative notes:

B6 may be yet another reference to chess, such as the bishop which appears after hover the cursor over the earth on the B6 page, or the iDGi-1 dev. teams "Avatars" and "Rook-1"

All the symbols link to outside webpages(Add?), except for "Consortium" which 'burns' the page and then displays a countdown. Combined with the meaning of the word, this may reference a sort of time when the ARG players will have to decide who to join, or groups on the other side will join.

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