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Logon: Dwight, Gen. Robert

Location: Zone 11, Western Europe

Date/Time: 6.17.33; 8:03 p.m.

Our Resistance groups have tenaciously pushed back the Afflicted, inch by precious inch, and the ERO has regained control of most of Europe. Most of the people who sought refuge in Omega bunkers after the Awakening have now returned to their homes. We are confident that we can defend our borders, and that we can once again live without fear of Afflicted attack. However, our resources are limited, and it's unclear whether we'll be able to extend our control beyond Western Europe.

Although some of you are facing incredible odds, I would encourage you to maintain your ground. The Afflicted are not indestructible; they have weaknesses and they make mistakes just like the rest of us. We have already learned that they cannot survive radiation and disease, even though they may seem oblivious to the pain.

I would also caution you all to work with the facts as we know them. Theories such as Mr. Ellison's are not grounded in reality and should be treated as such. There is no possible way to test or measure Mr. Ellison's ideas. In order to be successful in our fight against the Afflicted, we must rely upon verifiable information and practical solutions.

Our ERO scientists have conducted extensive tests on the Afflicted we've captured, and have developed their own theories. They believe the Affliction is caused by some kind of chemical agent. While there is no proof of this as yet, we do know that at the time of the Awakening there was a chemical weapon under development which could have produced some of the symptoms we associate with the Afflicted. This chemical, when introduced to the human body, causes severe alterations to the way the brain functions. Unfortunately, this agent was also designed to be completely undetectable once the effect was complete. It is possible, they theorize, that this agent has caused some bizarre shifts in the way people think and interact with other people. It is extremely technical, and difficult to explain. Our biochemists will continue their research in this area.

This theory is not without its own problems, and does not provide a comprehensive explanation for the seemingly instant and simultaneous triggering of the Awakening. And yet, it is something…..and we will continue to explore it. It is certainly a much more feasible assumption than alien mind control.

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