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Logon: Compton, Brad

Location: Zone 4, Midwestern NAU

Date/Time: 6.3.33; 3:00 p.m.

Our experience at the site of Dr. Gander's ambush put us on the alert for run-ins with large groups of Afflicted………but we weren't prepared for their recent surprise attacks. We had 6 sizable recon teams, 34 people altogether, that have been patrolling and extending the safety of our camp so that we could forage for food and supplies. Within a matter of days, we lost all of them. ALL 34 OF THEM!! Hell, that's more than half of our entire base. The Afflicted learned our patterns very quickly. They're intelligent, and they're ruthless. Reports from the teams dwindled as they were maneuvered into dead-ends and picked off by the Afflicted. I suspect that there are many more of those Afflicted building sites throughout the midwestern NAU, but who can tell? We don't have the manpower to confirm or deny it, and we're now extremely vulnerable. We need reinforcements…….Zone 2, can you help us?

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