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Logon: Spencer, Daniel

Location: Zone 23, Southern Africa

Date/Time: 4.29.33; 10:18 p.m.

I hope I'm not going to jinx our good fortune by saying this, but it's been relatively peaceful and quiet here in Cape Town and surrounding areas for several months. Our base is secure and stands ready to fight, if needed, but no one has spotted ANY Afflicted. During the first weeks of January, we were overrun with them just like everyone else, but we were able to find and eliminate their core groups fairly quickly, and then things settled down again. In fact, most of the people who originally came to our base for protection have now returned to their homes. Only those needed to maintain the base, about 8 of us, are still here, and we're stockpiling supplies just in case things get bad again later on.

Why have we been spared, when so many areas of the world are barely managing to hang on? Has anyone been able to discern any patterns of Afflicted movement that would explain this?

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