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Logon: Kutu, L.

Location: Zone 20, Western Africa

Date/Time: 3.25.33; 3:16 p.m.

Many of you people say the Afflicted appear to be organized when fighting. But we have also seen them working together. We often go out into the Congo jungle nearby to gather water and patrol the area. Just yesterday, we discovered a large group of Afflicted, perhaps as many as one hundred of them, chopping away at the undergrowth. Most surprising was the fact that when they had finished the task, they just stopped what they were doing. We watched them for several hours, and they just stood around, doing nothing at all! Eventually, they all started moving off in different directions, wandering into the jungle at random, forgetful of their earlier purpose.

Later, when our team returned to base, others reported that they saw huge, flattened areas where the jungle had been cleared. The Afflicted are most definitely working together…..but what are they trying to do?

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