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Logon: Hinkleman, Brian

Location: Zone 3, Western NAU

Date/Time: 3.04.33; 8:17 a.m.

We've been hearing the strangest things from some of the bases along the west coast, but there's no doubt that the Afflicted are progressively getting more organized. Kevin Shelton, of Los Angeles, reported that a large group of Afflicted ... around 50 or so ... were spotted marching down the street as though in a parade, or a military formation of some kind. That image alone is bizarre enough, since most of them look like hell. But they were all wearing identical red plaid sweater vests! The leader of the group wore a ripped brown T-shirt and barked out gutteral "commands." Kevin and twenty of the Resistance fighters watched the Afflicted for a few minutes, then attacked when the group turned into a dead-end alley. At that point, the Afflicted broke up into groups of 5 or 6 and the appearance of any sort of organization crumbled.

Another Resistance group, headed by Al Gehler just south of Portland, reported something similar. They encountered and fought a group of five Afflicted. Again, the "leader" stood by as the other four attacked with brutal efficiency. But when one of the Afflicted was killed, the other three turned and ran ... and the leader started shooting at those three!

Apparently, any sort of organization the Afflicted have attained is sporadic and short-lived. It's difficult to know how to fight them when their behavior is so unpredictable.

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