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Logon: Weller, Mark

Location: Zone 2, Eastern NAU

Date/Time: 2.09.33; 4:08 a.m.

I'm lucky that I read about this place before Christmas…..otherwise I'd be dead by now for sure! General Dwight, have you guys made any progress in your studies of the captured Afflicted? I think this has got to be a lot more than just some kind of insanity, or mental disease. Some of them seem able to form loose workgroups. I saw one band of Afflicted in downtown Ottawa…..there were five of them, and one acted like a leader. They stalked me through the streets, making horrible noises. There's no doubt they wanted to kill me, but they were moving slowly enough that I was able to try a few things. I attempted hiding behind buildings, and they would split up to block me in on either side. When I set up some crude barriers of debris I found in the streets and alleys, they would stop and analyze the situation for a moment before either tearing it apart or finding another way around. And they weren't distracted by any of the other non-Afflicted people who ran past me in their own desperate search for an escape route. That's about it. Oh, one other thing……they all appeared to be dressed in the same clothes they must have been wearing when the Affliction first grabbed them……they reeked as though they'd just crawled out of the sewers. You can smell 'em before you ever see 'em.

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