Mission Report: Testing the Battle Utility Suit
Date June 6, 2032
Author Colin Wheats
Internal Name mr_june6

Mission Report: Knight 18 on June 6th, 2032

"Test the Battle Utility Suit"

Knight 18 reporting, the date is June 6th, 2032. Bishop 10 continues to be a pleasure to work with. I believe our mutual appreciation for the light is helping a bond form more quickly; something I hope will benefit my entire crew. He is still getting along well with my rooks and pawns, seeming to treat everyone with respect. I think the queen is going to like that one, eh? I still think it's a little hurried to make Bishop 10 her little poster boy though, I mean haven't you noticed that he doesn't exactly talk very much? He's quiet and reserved, not ready to take on one of her press circuit spectacles. Make Bishop 2 do it, that boy barely shuts up long enough to eat.

So we had our first field test of the Battle Utility Suit today. Let it be known that Bishop 10 did a fine job with the suit, while at first it seemed impossible for him to understand how to properly manage his utility and storage energy levels. He says he's been using Spider Silk Kevlar since before the war and the adjustment is an uncomfortable one. Don't worry yourself though, Big K, the merits of the suit are unbelievable and he'll have it down pat with only a couple more outings.

I guess you want to hear about the mission specifics; well you sure picked an easy one for the B.U.S. test. The lab was exactly where you said it would be, there was exactly the number of guards you said there would be, and the path you cut out was most helpful. Bishop 10 navigated the facility with relative ease, only six casualties and a total thirty-seven incapacitated. The suit's attached Personal Containment Unit was extremely effective; only once did Bishop 10 have to recycle a hand full of discarded weaponry to gather what he needed to activate the nanites. Let it be noted that I believe the healing nanites to be a far too expensive use of utility energy - a necessary use, obviously, but highly dangerous in a mid-combat situation unless the Bishop is stockpiling utility energy and costing us a fortune. Not that Schelter would even notice.

Ancestors almighty, it's nearly midnight and I've got to get up at 4am... the glamorous life of a Knight, I suppose. Knight 18 out, have a good night.

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