Mercs Found Across Countryside!
Date December 21, 2042
Author Brendon Wycheck
Alternate(s) Merc Meets American Home!
Breaking News Yes
Internal Name breaking_decompression_dead2

December 21st, 2042:

Homeless Mercenaries Found Across Countryside -

Brendon Wycheck Reporting Live

Hello everyone, Brendon Wycheck here again for the Global Newswire. My producer is telling me that we're going to again go right to Bulgarian correspondent Rosica Grubo, who we last saw reporting on the downed Homeless Mercenary F-35's in northern Serbia.

Thanks again, Brendon. I'm here now along the northern edge of Temerin, Serbia, about a kilometre north of the Multi-Tec industrial complex. It seems that the body of a man, a Homeless Mercenary member so far unidentified, has fallen from the sky and crashed through the skylight of this home behind me. He is reportedly only one of an astounding ten dead Homeless Mercenaries so-far found within a twenty kilometre radius of this spot. It looks as though they have all fallen from the Consortium command vessel, Zenlil, during a mid-air boarding by the Mercenary group using a Resource War era boarding carrier.

The father of the family who own this home, an American, has agreed to speak with us though has asked to remain anonymous. Sir, can you tell us exactly what happened?

We were just sitting down for some food, pizza, I was reaching across the table for a piece and... Well, there was a loud crash and suddenly glass and blood was raining down all around me. A body, if that's what you want to call it, came right through our damned skylight, on through our dinner table, and made a pretty big mess of the floor. The poor bastard almost ended up in the basement. My wife screamed... my eight year old daughter fainted...

I'm so sorry, that sounds horrible. Thank you for speaking with us, sir, thank you.


Local authorities have issued a statement to the town of Temerin and surrounding area, asking all residents to be on the lookout for other potential bodies and to report them immediately when found. Back to you, Brendon.

Thanks, Rosica. I really hope this marks the end of Zenlil's troubles for today, but still no statement has been made by the Zenlil crew or Consortium royalty to confirm this. We'll of course remain here and if anything else develops, you'll be the first to know.

This is Brendon Wycheck, Global Newswire.