Developer of the Alternate Reality Game, Consortium, Alternate Reality Game V2, and The Tower. It was founded by Gregory MacMartin and is based out of Vancouver. The following is a list employees, what they do, and what they worked on sourced from the Interdimensional Games website[1], conversations with developers, and from the Consortium commentary closed captions:

Developer Role ARG C1 ARGv2 C2
Ben Bernard Environment Artist
Stephen Cohen Web Development & Quality Assurance
Cory De La Torre Thermal and Optical Interpretation
Bob Edwards Writer
Nathalie Lawhead iDGi-1 Web Presence
Ian Longiaru Quantum Visualizer & Interactive Interpreter
Mike Luxton 3D/Environment Artist
Gregory MacMartin Lead Designer & Producer
Steven MacMartin Lead Writer
Stewart Marshall Chief Financial Officer
Christina Rhoades Quantum Human Interpretation
Dale Schollen Quantum Visualizer
Ryan Sheffer Programmer
Jeremy Soule Composer
Travis Wilson Artist & Choreographer
Jason Zayas Art Director & Lead Animator


  1. Our Team. Interdimensional Games. Accessed: 11 July 2016.

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