**********Work-in-progress. For now, I'm just dumping all the (Significant) dates I can find (When I can) throughout the iDGi files without going into too much detail. If anyone finds any that are missing, feel free to add on(To correct timeline)and fix any mistakes... Please try to keep in relative order. -Serik **********

Our universe iDGi Timeline. Unsure what to call it:

??? ???, 2001 - Vidal experiences a sort of 'Dream-Vision' which prompts Vidal into building a filter from the dream.

September ???, 2006 - interDimensionalGames inc (iDGi) becomes a company.

April 23, 2009 - iDGi-1 satellite launched into orbit.

December 9, 2009 - iDGi-1 satellite is first used; Vidal becomes the first to travel through to the other reality. A blue spiral appears over Norway.

January 1, 2010 - iDGi-1 satellite is made accessible to the public via the InterdimensionalGames website.

March 28, 2010 - Alvarez Famosa first appears on the iDGi forums.

April 2, 2010 - Malcolm first appears on the iDGi forums.


(first?) Alternate universe timeline; Unsure what to call this one. You'd think there'd be a naming system, huh.
January 1, 2010 - Kevin Chard is born :]

January 1, 2028 - Kevin Chard turns 18 :]. Milestone 2 for Project K1.

March 1, 2028 - Milestone 3 for Project K1.

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