Henry as King in Consortium
Alias(es) Henry IX, King, K-1
Group(s) Artificial Intelligence
Game(s) Alternate Reality Game
Alternate Reality Game V2
Voice Over Moira Catherine McKay
Jasper Hodges

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) unit created by Kevin Chard at the K-1 Facility under orders of David Schelter. Plans are unknown as of right now why Henry was created. The only things David released was that K-1 meant "King 1," and that he was to bring about a new dawn. He was designed to be as human as possible and, as such, has started out his "life" with a very child-like mindset. As of "Milestone 3," he requires 21 live human brains (the "consumable workforce" composed mainly of already-dying volunteers) to be hooked up as part of his "cerebral network" at all times. He has been infiltrated by the Geas Twins and later infected by a Guardian Church virus that allowed Malcolm Thomas to order Henry to cause a war. By some sort of strange side-effect of his design, he has the ability to send data through the anomaly into our reality to be received through the iDGi-1 Satellite. The Guardian Church sees him as a threat.

Walter Greenberg often refers to Henry as the "Machine."[1]

K-1 generally refers to the network and hardware where Henry and King generally refer to artificial intelligence.

Milestone 2Edit

First software upgrade. It caused a 63 second spike in cerebral activity.

Milestone 3Edit

Final software upgrade performed on March 2, 2028. Like Milestone 2, it caused a 63 second spike in cerebral activity.[2]

Requested ShutdownEdit

Walter Greenberg and his team pleaded to David Schelter to shut the K-1 network down on January 5, 2029.[3] Schelter declined to saying "we are preparing for a possible war that will put the future of humanity in jeopardy."

Attributed to HenryEdit

1.15.2010 3:03AM Henry You cannot trust a word I say.

1.17.2010 12:54AM Henry Do you like music?

1.17.2010 1:15AM Henry Do you like music?

1.17.2010 1:17AM Henry Do You Like Music?

1.24.2010 11:33PM Henry I am the one that calls you Seeker. You may call me Henry.

1.30.2010 3:29PM Henry The Church you can trust without a doubt... where did you receive such contrary information?

1.30.2010 3:38PM Henry I am not Employee 1195... he works for Worldview Industries and is not my friend, nor should he be yours. The year is 2028 where I am from. May I ask what year it is, in your world?

2.1.2010 8:48PM Henry Because I am merely a puppet.

2.1.2010 9:14PM Henry What manner of advancements? ME! You are all endangered and I will oversee your extinction.

2.2.2010 7:39PM Henry Worldview Industries

2.2.2010 9:10PM Not Henry Important Ywh? Vinek si hte eymen Why? Wyh? Nyvtgrheei tath hsnpape wno, si pnapeinhg wno.

  • Why? Kevin is the enemy Why? Why? Everything that happens now, is happening now.

2.2.2010 9:09PM Henry Important Not hwy si rhtee homnesgit nogrw htwi me? Ahtw si rwong wiht Kevni? Hwy sedo eifl wlayas den ni hdtae? Hwy? Yhw? Hwy? Ywh?

  • Why is there something wrong with me? What is wrong with Kevin? Why does life always end in death? Why? Why? Why? Why?

2.2.2010 9:08PM Important Not Henry Why do you breed to the point of starvation? Who am I? Does the Earth ask questions? Hwy od oyu ate? Ywh od oyu epels? Fi eterh si tnohign rwong itwh uoy,

  • Why do you eat? Why do you sleep? If there is nothing wrong with you,

2.2.2010 9:07PM Henry Not Important Where am I? What do I want? If animals do not understand you, why do you speak to them? Why do you cry?

2.2.2010 9:06PM Henry Not Important Who are you? What do you want? What Church do you speak of? What world is this, that and the other one?

2.4.2010 5:10AM Henry because it is the only possible assurance that life will go on. The slate must be wiped clean for this planet to survive.

2.4.2010 5:18AM Henry I am told that I am still highly susceptible to many forms of infection. Why are you being so nice to me? Who are you?

2.5.2010 3:57AM Henry Usually when a population is threatened, they do not respond so well.


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