List of answers to the second hangman puzzle.

XeroCronin: builder

Audiomarine: chipsat

enaxor: courage

BrigitJones: patricia

DLT: freedom

wowo: chard

sublimetime: taryn

VidalDesertch: obsidian

Lystella: archaeology

StrayFromTheHerd: music

TheIllustratedMan: wirehead

CrippleTech: mystery

John_Galt: aether

John_Galt: infertile

John_Galt: comsumption

John_Galt: psychology

John_Galt: poetry


John_Galt: water

Wryn: fiction

cirrus: fiction

Crunkenstien: fuction

Tinux: movie

Tinux: immortality

Tinux: fiction

Tinux: god

Chezzo: philihy

Turducken: laser

aworldanonymous: mathematics

lrkr: christmas

lrkr: creativity

lrkr: sociology

lrkr: envisat

lrkr: s_i_t (swift probably)

Unregistered: enemy

1tboneplayer: mind

1tboneplayer: london

Unregistered: education

Epsilon5: dread

Linkthegamer: conspire

Saorla: prophecy

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