Can be accepted from Rook 9 in the Cockpit. You can find most of them by following the static sound when it is acting up. It has to be showing its defect for you to report it. A C.M.C. option will pop down to report it to Rook 9. They are:

  • Mission Operations: the terminal next to the "Biosphere Monitor - H20" display. Note: this one doesn't happen very often so you might have to wait a while for it to act up.
  • Lavatory: Flashing ceiling light.
  • Cabin-2: Walk in to the room and the door will lock behind you.
  • Cabin-Bishop 6: The bed is automatically folding and unfolding.
  • Lounge: The windows (actually screens that display the external view) are glitching out.
  • Brig: The door connecting to the Barracks opens and closes randomly.

When the last broken system is reported, Rook 9 gets incapacitated in Lower Avionics and needs to be rescued. If you have the B.U.S. and you're quick, you can save him yourself; otherwise, Rook 13 will save him using the door from the Medical Bay. WARNING: Attempting to save Rook 9 without the B.U.S. equipped is fatal!

Note: The number "five" decrements with each reported broken system.

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