Collection of audio from files that are dated February, 26, 2028. These files include:




Note that "B" is the man with a British accent and "H" is the higher-pitched man. Also, this is the entire, uncut audio since no editing is required to understand it.

__0xFEB26_1 B:

I think Henry has figured out what (-) has been watching him. He refuses to tell me anything and says he'll need time to block the source. I know it's the Church. They're not only after me now but Henry as well. I don't think they know what they're getting themselves into though, and are seriously underestimating what Henry is capable of. In just three days time we will release Henry into the world. The good that he could do far outweighs my own life at this point. I just hope it doesn't come to that.
0xFEB26 1

__0xFEB26_2 H:

So, I spoke with the boss earlier today about Henry's ongoing behavior. He told me there was nothing to worry about and that when milestone three is reached Henry will immediately be able to fix himself and these "glitches" will be history. Am I supposed to believe this bullshit? The damage Henry is capable of is mind-boggling and no one seems to give a shit that his destructive behavior is only worsening. Melinda was right, Henry's gotta be stopped.

0xFEB26 2