This is a walkthrough of the critical path (fewest steps necessary to complete the game) in Consortium. If you are looking for the long form walkthrough, see Consortium Walkthrough. This walkthrough should be spoiler free.

Quantum LimboEdit

  • Walk towards the flashing red light.


  1. Tutorial/Introduction
    • Speak to Knight 15 in Mission Operations to get your C.M.C..
      • Speak to Rook 9 in the Cockpit. The Cockpit is locked for about 10 minutes and when it is unlocked, he will notify you via C.M.C.
      • Speak to Rook 13 in the Medical Bay
    • Complete training in the Virtual Trainer
  2. Go to Bishop 8's former cabin.
  3. Go to Mission Operations and Speak with the first antagonist.
  4. Use the Emergency Weapons Locker.
  5. Deal with the antagonist in the Hangar Bay.
  6. Return to Mission Operations and use the Manual Control Interface. Intercept all remaining fighters.
  7. These two can completed in any order:
    • Deal with Rook 9 is trapped in Lower Avionics.
    • Speak with the Queen in Global Operations. Knight 15 will tell you when about 10 minutes after leaving the Manual Control Interface.
  8. Rest in your cabin or use the Virtual Trainer again (complete 5 of 20 levels).
    • Pawn 64 will confront you.
    • You may be asked or ordered to meet Knight 15 in her room.
  9. No matter what happens in the previous step, next is an encounter with the second antagonist.
    • You may need to pick up and place the Fusion Battery Control Chip into Data Processing Bay B10. It is in the crawl space between the Hangar Bay and the Kitchen on floor 2.
  10. Go to the Briefing Room and sit through the briefing.
  11. If you captured the first antagonist, you have to speak with him in the Brig before proceeding.
  12. Use the C.C.U. and equip a Freefall Suit.
  13. Run/jump out of Zenlil.

Quantum LimboEdit

  • Walk towards the flashing blue light.

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