For the game of the same name, see Consortium.

The Consortium is an organization not unlike Interpol in our world that has directive of establishing and maintaining peace globally. It was founded in 2032[1] and has a hierarchal structure with titles that show rank as well as protect the identities of its members:

  1. King: The leader of the organization.
  2. Queen: The public face of the organization as well as a surrogate for the King when a human touch is required.
  3. Knight: Commanders usually in charge of their own C-3800.
  4. Bishop: Combat specialists that execute missions given to them by the Knight.
  5. Rook: Opertional specialists that are under the direction of the Knight.
  6. Pawn: The worker bees of the organization that do any and every task assigned to them. Thay may be under the command of a Rook or a Knight. They are supposed to refuse orders given to them by the Bishop.


Partial mandate revealed by one of the developers:[2]

  • No Consortium officer shall ever inflict or promote lethal force unless absolutely necessary to protect innocent lives.
  • Conflict resolution and peaceful mediation are the cornerstones of Consortium procedure.
  • A Consortium officer is first and foremost an agent of his or her environment.
  • The Consortium’s greatest weapon is transparency.
  • All situations of a political nature are the responsibility of local government, and not the Consortium or its officers.

Threat LevelsEdit

Five is the maximum threat:

  1. Rampant Lions[3]
  2. Liberty's Children[4]
  3. Long Dragon Syndicate[4]


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