Battle Utility Suit
Assault Helmet and B.U.S.
Version n/a
Value $72,000,000 EUD
Internal Name armor_bus
Designed to provide protection for all but the user's head from weapons fire, using the most modern of protective materials. The standard issue B.U.S. is also designed to seamlessly interface with a number of other Consortium systems and includes EIGHT hard-point sockets for Hard-Point Device integration. The B.U.S. is made from an extremely light-weight composite Spider Silk Kevlar and carbon alloy plating.

The Consortium-issue Battle Utility Suit is a custom-tailored battlesuit developed specifically for the Consortium Bishop. It is a lightweight, PCU-integrated assault suit developed specifically for the kinds of situations Bishops find themselves in.

Equipped with special medical and incapacitating nanite dispensers, alongside PCU-nodule gloves to absorb matter to store energy, the BUS gives specialized advantages to the Bishop over their conventional counterparts.

Constructed of Spider Silk Kevlar and Carbon Alloys, the BUS integrates with the Consortium Assault Helmet to provide the top-line in personal defensive capabilities in the world of 2042.

While highly expensive, the BUS is only one of multiple different tools utilized by Bishops in the field. Armor-repair nanites keep it operational, and inertial dampeners/kinematic actuators allow heavy movement - but it's ultimately the Storm-Proof Freefall suit that gives Bishops the true level of mobility they need.

Bishops are able to suit up and suit down from the BUS as needed, even swapping armor on the fly, utilizing their PCU's matter-energy conversion system. This same system streams ammunition and energy into the Bishop's shield mountings and weapons to create an all-encompassing flow of combat for the Consortium Bishop.


There are four known variants available:[1]


Launched on November 24th, 2030, this BUS did not have any hard-point sockets and had one hard-wired Strommon Deflector Shield Node.


Released on September 28th, 2033, was the first to support hard-point sockets of which it has four.


The version that appears in Consortium, it has eight hard-point sockets and was released on October 9th, 2036.


A specialized bomb-proof version of the BUS with limited mobility and twelve hard-point sockets was released on April 20th, 2039. While rarer and extremely bulky, the BUS Heavy was designed specifically to handle traps like those seen in the Hong Kong Commerce Center. It was such events where Bishop Two was killed, along with thousands of civilians.

Known UsersEdit


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