A Rocky Start for Europa Mining Prospects Pt.2
Date October 20, 2042
Author Jonathon Frog
Backer Lore Yes
Internal Name europamining_two
Internal Series  Rocky Start, #2

October 20th, 2042:

A Rocky Start for Europa Mining Prospects - Part 2

A Newswire Exclusive

By: Jonathon Frog

After five months of sleepless nights, anxiety and coming to the deadline of selling the company, SK Mining President Ronaldo Maxim can finally sleep easy. The SMY Athena, flagship of the Mining companies attempt to colonize Europa has emerged from a six month communications blackout, citing an accident on board, and system problems brought on by intense interstellar radiation coming from mineral rich asteroids orbing on the outer fringes of the belt. SK Mining CEO Sebastian Kudras had this to say, in a broadcast coming from the ship.

"What must have seemed like a disaster to those back on Earth is a windfall for us out here on the fringes. The outer asteroid belt is full to bursting of minerals, far beyond what we could ever use in a dozen lifetimes... and we only saw a tiny of portion of it. While we are continuing on to Europa I have already set in motion a plan to bring semi-automated mining platforms to this dense area."

In addition, Mr. Kudras said that more preparation and greater understanding of the radiation in the belt will avoid any of the blackouts like the one recently experienced by the Athena. A disastrous six months followed the disappearance of the ship, with whom almost the entire resources of the company was invested. A recent acquisition proposal by competitor BHP Biliton was quickly discarded, and stock prices went up dramatically following the reappearance of the ship.

The recent downturn of the global markets was also dramatically altered following the reappearance of the Athena, with significant increases across the board in all fields except heavy minerals.

One year away from their destination, with hopes high and pushed forward by news of the vast wealth of the asteroid belts it looks like the prospects for SK Mining are very bright indeed.